Teaching Method

I use a combination of Suzuki and traditional methods for beginning students. The Suzuki method, drawn from a language-learning parallel, fosters an immediate ability to perform music with innate ease from memory. The songs are approachable and enjoyable. I teach note reading and theory as early as is practical. Traditional method books and ètudes are incorporated to further develop a solid technical foundation.

With intermediate, advanced, and adult students, I use a traditional method, keeping in mind the student’s unique goals. I emphasize ways of efficient, creative practicing. With every student, I tailor the path of study to fit his or her needs and preferences as an individual.

At every stage, I strive to nurture the student’s innate musical sense and individuality. For example, some students love to play rock, folk, or pop songs, so I incorporate them into our lessons. Other students may want to participate in school talent shows or competitions. Still others, especially adult students, may want to play just for relaxation and recreation, and as an expressive outlet. In short, whatever your violin goals may be, I will work with you to devise a plan to reach them!